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Car Club

Charlbury Car Club

In 2022, the Town Council asked the town what it thought of the idea of a car club with an enthusiastic response.

There are two ways car clubs work. There are traditional cars clubs like ZipCar or Commonwheels, which provide their own cars – Charlbury is too small for these schemes to be viable. There are also peer-to-peer systems, where people borrow and lend private cars via a service provider’s website or app. There is no risk to lenders – insurance and vetting of renters is all taken care of by the service provider.

You can see the Car Club Survey Results (2022) here. Since the report’s publication, the Town Council has resolved to promote any car sharing companies that are being used in the town. Currently there two cars to rent in Charlbury via HiyaCar: other schemes may be used in the future and will be promoted equally. The Town Council has agreed to encourage residents to put their car into a peer-to-peer car sharing scheme or borrow a car from such a scheme.

For more details, visit the Car Club page.


Citroën C1 – available on HiyaCar from Hixet Wood

Local Cycling and Walking Plan (LCWIP)

The council is currently drawing up a plan for improving walking and cycling opportunities in and around Charlbury, as a key part of our Highways and Transport Strategy. The plan will include a specific focus on the needs of people who use mobility aids of any description, as we know there are plenty of barriers to the safe and easy passage around town for these residents.

Two examples of the kinds of measures that we intend to introduce include the build-out on in Enstone Road (Banbury Hill) which slows traffic entering the town and the approved pedestrian crossing to be situated later this year, across the Slade next to Crawborough.

We are currently working with an Active Travel Officer from Oxfordshire County Council and we hope to have a draft of the plan ready to present to residents this spring.


Traffic survey report

A traffic count was undertaken in September and November 2021 at five locations around Charlbury. Please find the report on this here, with massive thanks to Richard Fairhurst for bringing it all together.

E-bike News

We have received funding from Liz Leffman’s Councillor Priority Fund to enable us to buy an E-bike.

The Town Council has acquired a good quality electric bike which is available to residents to borrow for up to 2 weeks, upon payment of a deposit.

What accessories are provided?

The TC has bought a good quality, robust electric bike primarily for on-road use but with hybrid tyres allowing the bike to be ridden on bridleways in dry weather, with a step-through frame that is small enough to fit a rider 5’2’’ tall (based on Expressions of Interest received) – but extendable seat post will allow it to fit larger riders.

Power adapter (for recharging the battery), lock, pump, puncture repair kit +/- spare inner tube, pannier bags x2. (Lights, mudguards, pannier rack and kick-stand are integrated.)

How will it be maintained?

We have 2 volunteers who have completed bicycle maintenance training with Windrush Bike Project which enables them to reliably carry out safety checks between loans. If they identify a maintenance issue, the bike will be taken into Witney for servicing by Windrush Bike Project. The bike will be serviced a minimum of once per year.

How is it insured?

The bike is included under the insurance policy of the Windrush Bike Project (including liability cover for the volunteer mechanic).

How do people book?

Bookings will be handled by the Town Clerk. Individuals will need to provide proof of identity and address, and a deposit, which will be refunded on return of the bike undamaged. Individuals booking the bike will be required to sign a waiver of liability for injury or damage resulting from their personal actions while in possession of the bike

Click here to request to borrow the e-bike

The Formal Bit ……………………..
The aim of the Journeys Team is :

To encourage and assist the residents of Charlbury and its environs to transition to sustainable transportation for all of their journeys.

Its objectives are:
  1. Helping residents of Charlbury and its environ reduce (and ultimately to end) journeys requiring fossil fuels.
  2. Encouraging Charlbury Residents to make more journeys on foot, by bike and using public transport.
  3. turning Charlbury and its environs into pleasant places to walk, cycle – or just to be- as opposed to either being simply thoroughfares or car parks.

Journeys Team Terms of Reference