Charlbury Traffic Survey

The Journeys Team which is an advisory working group for the Town Council is considering whether changes to the road network in Charlbury would make our town a quieter, pleasanter place to live and visit. Before we propose any changes, we need a snapshot of how drivers are using the town – where they are driving to/from, and when. So we are conducting a traffic survey. We have chosen three times of day during the school holidays (we did a survey in August) and a school day (Postponed until 21st September 2021)

We have teams of people recording data at six locations around town at 7–9, 12–2 and 4.30–6.30. The locations are Five Ways, Enstone crossroads, Nine Acres/Thames St corner, the station roundabout, Spendlove entrance and the Bull corner.

We are recording the last three letters of each number plate and the time that the vehicle passes to build up a picture of the movements of vehicles in and across the town. We are not recording speeds or any other information. This data cannot be used to identify individual drivers. It will be deleted once we have used it to produce our charts and graphs.

We have an amazing 19 volunteers so far but we desperately need a few more so we have enough for each junction. Can you help at any of these times 7–9, 12–2 and 4.30–6.30? Please contact Cllr James Styring on


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