Charlbury Proposed 30mph Speed Limit & Parking Restrictions

RE: CONSULTATION – Charlbury Proposed 30mph Speed Limit & Parking Restrictions

We are writing to seek your views on the proposal to make amendments to speed limits & parking restrictions in Charlbury, West Oxfordshire. The existing 30mph speed limit on the B4026 Pound Hill / Charlbury Road will be extended northwards by approx. 530 metres, replacing the existing 40mph speed limit in the process. This proposal seeks to reduce speeds where there are vulnerable pedestrians walking to and from the camp site, and brings forward changes suggested over some years by local residents in the town. A new kerbed traffic calming build-out feature will also be constructed on the eastern side of the B4022 Banbury Hill. Priority will be given to traffic travelling northwards out of the town, with those travelling south having to give-way, thereby helping better reduce & manage the speeds of vehicles entering the town.

Additionally, new and existing ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ (double yellow lines) will be introduced or amended at various locations, including: Grammar School Hill, B4437 Thames Street, B4437 Nine Acres Lane, Church Street, and Browns Lane. Two new 1-hour parking bays (20m & 18m in length) will be introduced on Market Street replacing the existing double yellow lines in the process. These measures are designed to address hazards caused by speeding and dangerous parking, while enabling additional parking in the Town Centre. Extra parking for shoppers (i.e. the 1 hour bays) is required to help encourage the use of local businesses. In light of this, please find the following consultation documents attached:

  1. Public Notice,
  2. Statement of Reasons
  3. Consultation Plan,
  4. Draft Speed Limits Order
  5. Draft Permitted Parking Order

The proposed Traffic Regulation Orders are scheduled to be advertised in the Oxford Times newspaper today; Thursday 26th May 2022, and details are also available to view on the Councils new consultation portal at the address below:

As stated on the notice, any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted by Friday 24th June 2022.

Kind Regards,


Christian Mauz
Technical Officer (Traffic & Road Safety)
Community Operations|Environment & Place

Oxfordshire County Council|County Hall|New Road|Oxford|OX1 1ND