Consultation – Proposed Disabled Persons Parking Places

  • Oxfordshire County Council is writing to seek your views on the proposals to provide additional ‘Disabled Persons Parking Places’ (and also remove ones no longer required) in various locations within the Cherwell & West Districts of Oxfordshire. The proposals are being put forward in response to increased local demand for parking, specifically for those with a permanent and substantial disability such that walking is not possible or presents very considerable difficulty for distances more than 100m.
  • Please find attached the Draft Traffic Regulation Order

The proposed Traffic Regulation Order will be advertised in the Witney Gazette on Wednesday 8 February 2023 and Thursday 9th February 2023 in the Banbury Guardian and Bicester Advertiser. Details are also available to view on the Councils consultation pages at the address below:

Any objections or other representations on the proposal should be submitted by Friday 10 March 2023.

disabled parking bay