Defibrillator training on 18th March

News from Charlbury Patient Participation Group

Save a life – Defibrillator & CPR Training in Charlbury

There will be a training session on the use of Defibrillators & CPR on Saturday, 18th March, 2 – 4 pm at Charlbury Community Centre, Thomas Gifford Room.

Russell Ingham, First Responder for South Central Ambulance Service, will be providing the training, which is being kindly funded by Charlbury Town Council.

There are five Defibrillators sited in Charlbury, however, more are required to ensure any defibrillator can be reached quickly on foot in order to save a life.

Coincidentally our focus on defibrillators & CPR features in the current news, especially by the British Heart Foundation. After a recent survey they state ‘more than half UK adults would not feel comfortable performing CPR for cardiac arrest. 33% had never learned CPR & lacked confidence to learn. However, 51% felt that if a loved one had a sudden cardiac arrest in front of them they would feel able to perform CPR.’

British Heart Foundation state ‘about 80% of the 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in the home, and fewer than 10% of patients survive.’ They are calling on the UK to learn CPR as it “could be the most important lesson you ever learn”. The charity offer a 15 minute online CPR training tool called RevivR, which covers recognising a cardiac arrest, the best method for chest compressions, and how to use a defibrillator.

To reserve a training space on Saturday, 18th March email:

Please provide your contact details, how many adults & ages of children over 8 years old wishing to attend.