Nature at the Cemetery


A stroll through the cemetery at the top of Pound Hill increasingly shows nature at work.

Self-seeded trees growing up from the older graves, ivy concealing headstones, shrubs larger than the burial site they were planted on. The town council is responsible for managing the cemetery and to date, has ensured that the grass is cut regularly – whilst preserving some areas for biodiversity to thrive.

However, we recently decided that nature was getting the upper hand, and that some clearance of the most overgrown graves would be appropriate.

So on 14th October, half a dozen councillors and a similar number of community volunteers formed a working party, armed with secateurs, loppers, spades and forks.

Two hours proved transformative, with the names on some graves revealed for the first time in a long time, alongside straightening up crooked and fallen stones. Those passing through the cemetery were friendly and pleased at the progress they saw being made.

A second working party will be organised and members of the community are welcome to join us.

From Councillor Liz Reason

Tidied cemetery